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Pioneer of 1845

"The Terrible Trail"

Robert Emmett Miller


Robert Emmett Miller was bom in Ireland in 1783. He came to America with his parents when he was two years old. He was admitted to the Bar in Kentucky in 1810.

He married Sarah Campbell Ferguson on April 1, 1815 in Elizabethtown, Hardin County, Kentucky. She was born on June 29, 1792 in Hardin County, Kentucky and passed away in Salem, Oregon on June 15, 1867.

Sarah was the sister of Jane Ferguson Linder. Jane Ferguson married Jacob Linder. Their son, Andrew Hines Linder, was the father of John Ferguson Linder who married the daughter of Alexander McQuinn.

Robert wasn’t happy with the politics in the South and brought his family to Oregon on the Tetherow Wagon Train. He took out a large provisional land claim on the Multnomah County end of Sauvies Island. His home was on Newberry Road in Portland where he had hoped to overlook the city on the island built by his family

They were the parents of 9 children’ Nancy Mahaga Walker,. Julia Ann Bybee, Narcissa McIntire, John F., James Napper Tandy, Margaret Charlton, Parthenia Menzies, Robert Emmett and William P.

Nancy M. Walker, was born in 1816 in Kentucky. She married Jesse Walker on April 28, 1834. He was the brother of Ellis and Thomas Walker. Jesse and Nancy came to Oregon with her family and settled on Sauvie Island. Eventually they moved to Southern Oregon near her brothers and their families.

They were the parents of James W, Elizabeth Ann Bybee and Sarah Jane Ledford. Elizabeth Ann married William Bybee, relative of James Bybee, and moved to Jacksonville, Oregon. In the 1880 census they were listed with 7 children, James W., Effie, Francis, Eleck, Minnie, Robert and Maud. William Bybee is listed as the Sheriff of Jackson County.

Julia Ann Bybee was born on January 22, 1820. She married James Bybee on July 3,1842 in Adair County, Missouri. James was a horse breeder, trainer, racer and County Commisoner. They were the parents of Robert Emmett, Ann Elizabeth, John Miller, William Walker, Mary Rose, Linda C., Lillian, John Miller (2nd), and Imogene.

Narcissa McIntire was born in 1822. She married Horace J. McIntire on July 6, 1842 in Missouri. Horace and Narcissa were first cousins, once removed. Sarah Miller, Narcissa’s mother, was Horace’s great aunt. Sarah’s sister Jane Ferguson Linder was his grandmother.

Narcissa was pregnant when the family came to Oregon. She remained in Missouri until their daughter Sarah was bom. Horace came ahead with the rest and settled their claim.. They were the parents of 9 children; Sarah, John K., Nancy Winkler, William P., Robert, Emma Henrici, James N. T. Catherine Hutchinson and Elnora.

John F. Miller was born in 1824 in Hardin County, Missouri. He married Zerelda Hockinson on March 25, 1849 in Randolph County, Missouri. In the 1880 census they are living in South Salem, Marion county, Oregon. Three children are living with them; I.J., Z.C., and Mary. John is listed as a Farmer.

James Napper Tandy Miller was born on October 10, 1826 in Harding County, Kentucky. He married Elizabeth Ann Awbry on August 22, 1853 in Lane County, Oregon. They moved to Jacksonville, Oregon. During the 1870 census they were listed with 2 children; Robert A and Sarah Ann.  At the time of the 1880 census they were listed with 3 children; Robert A., Annie, and William E.L.

Margaret Charlton was born on January 13,1827 in Hardin County, Kentucky. She married Joseph Charlton on November 30, 1842 in Missouri. She passed away on Sauvie Island on March 16, 1913. They were the parents of Sarah Nancy Lamson of Yamhill County, Oregon, James E who married Dr. Callie Brown Charlton, one of the first woman doctors in Oregon, Samantha Jane Sheldon and William Emmett.

Parthenia Menzies was born in 1830 and passed away in 1862 on Sauvie Island. She married James Menzies on February 5, 1849. They were living on Sauvie Island and at that tjme it was part of Washington County. They were the parents of James William, Nancy Bills, Julia Ambrose, Eliza Keys, Zerilda Wodecki and Lizzie Bates,

Robert Emmett Miller was born in 1832 in Henry County, Missouri. KFI

William P. Miller was born on March 12, 1836 in Missouri. He married Sarah E. Rafferty on September 21, 1864. In the 1880 census he is listed as the Warden at the State Penitentiary in Salem, Oregon. One child is living with them, Wanda Miller age 3.


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