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Island Marriages

     The children of  Abner Enyart  and their spouses

  •   Anne Enyart married Anderson Smith (Washington County)

  •   Rebecca Enyart married Alexander  McQuinn

  •    Delilah Enyart married John Lousignont (Washington County)

  • John Enyart married Marian Stevens

  • Peter Stevens Enyart married Isabel Morgan (dtr of Edward)

  • James Enyart married Elizabeth Cunningham (dtr of John, RR, Washington County)

    The Children of John Bonser and their Spouses

  •         Martha Jane Bonser married Marquis Lafayette Armstrong

  •         Elizabeth Bonser married Daniel Boone Armstrong

  •         Hannah Bonser married Alvin Stiles

  •         Abigail Bonser married William Casto.

The Children of Edward Henrici and their spouses

  •         William Edward Henrici married Emma J. McIntire (dtr of Horace)

  •         John G. Henrici married Victoria Harris

  •         Adeline Henrici married Sagarlin C. Knighton

  •         Helena Henrici married 1st J. D. Potter, 2nd John Frantz

  •         Frances Diedrich Henrici married Mary Olive Bonser

  •         ( dtr of Hilton Bonser and Mary Thomas  Bonser)      

The children of Alexander McQuinn and their spouses

  •         Mary Ann McQuinn married Clinton Bonser (nephew of John)

  •         Sarah Elizabeth McQuinn married 1st William P. French,                                                                 2nd George  Ham

  •         Peter Enyart McQuinn married Catherine Willhelm

  •         Martha Jane McQuinn married John Ferguson Linder

  •         James Alexander McQuinn married Anna McKay (dtr of Malcom McKay                            and Lucinda Lamberson)

  •         Margaret Cecelia McQuinn married William J. Forrest

  •         Isabella McQuinn married Isaac Newton Smith

  •         John Anderson McQuinn married Nancy Cornelius

  •         Alzada Helen McQuinn was married three times; McEvers, Haines and         Jones

  •         Lizzie McQuinn married twice; Sharringhausen and Brown

The Children of Henry Thomas and their spouses   

  •           Jane Thomas married George Knox

  •            Hannah Thomas married James Halstead Bonser (son of John)

  •         Margaret Thomas married Hilton Bonser (cousin of James)

  •         Mary Ann Thomas married William Bybee (cousin of James                   Bybee)

  •         Mahala Thomas married Stephen Bonser (son of John)

  •         Sarah Ellen Thomas married James Copeland

The children of Robert Emmett Miller and their spouses.        

  •        Nancy M. Miller married Jesse Walker (bro  of Ellis)

  •        Julia Ann Miller married James Bybee

  •         Narcissa Miller married Horace McIntire (her first cousin once            removed.

  •         John F. Miller married  Zerelda Hockinson 

  •         James Napper Tandy Miller married Elizabeth Ann Awbry 

  •         Margaret Miller married Joseph Charlton

  •         Parthenia Miller married Captain James Menzies

  •         Robert Emmett Miller   NFI

  •      ` William P Miller married  Sarah E. Rafferty         




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