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1860 Census

Sauvie Island Precinct,

Columbia County, Oregon

House #113

George Ham. George owned, built, and ran steamships on the Columbia, Willamette and Lewis River in Washington. He was married to Sarah McQuinn sister of Clinton Bonser’s wife.

House #114

Hilton Bonser. Hilton was the nephew of John Bonser .He was married to Margaret Thomas, daughter of Henry Thomas. Hilton was a surveyor, draftsman, postmaster, schoolteacher, and farmer.

House #115

Stephen Bonser. Stephen was the son of John Bonser. He was married to Mahala Thomas, daughter of Henry Thomas and sister of Hilton’s wife, Margaret. Stephen was a boatman, ran steamers on the river, did some mining, and worked as a photographer.

House #116

Daniel Boone Armstrong. Daniel was the son of Andrew Jackson Armstrong, another early Sauvie Island Settler. Andrew passed away shortly after settling on the island and is buried in the Old McQuinn Cemetery. Daniel was married to Elizabeth Bonser, daughter of John Bonser.

House #117

Stephen Johnson. Not much is known about Stephen. He is mentioned in the story of Creed Turner and as the co-host of a ball on the island. After that he disappears from sight


House #118

John Bonser. John was a seasoned boatman from Ohio. He built a boat to bring his family from The Dalles to Sauvie Island.. His sons and grandsons were all involved with the river traffic. John was the father of Elizabeth Armstrong, Martha Armstrong, Stephen Bonser, and James Bonser. He was the uncle of Clinton and Hilton Bonser.

House #119

Charles Guild. Charles was the son of Peter Guild and his first wife, Chloe. In 1862 Charles bought land in Hillsboro, Oregon. He married Cordelia Savage in 1868. They sold the land to his brother George and moved to Payette, Idaho. George eventually sold the land to their brother, Berrick. Berrick in turn gave the land to his sons, Len and Jesse. Another brother, Jesse, moved back to Sauvie Island and passed away on the island in March of 1896.


House #120

James H. Bolton. On December 3rd, 1858, James married Julia Catherine Cunningham, daughter of John and Jane (Work) Cunningham, Red River Pioneers. They moved to Clark County, Washington, and show up on early census records.

House #121

James Lewis. No information was found.

House #122

Clinton Bonser. Clinton was the nephew of John Bonser and the brother of Hilton Bonser. He was married to Mary Ann McQuinn, daughter of Alexander McQuinn from the Multnomah County end of the island.

House #123

George Knox. George was married to Jane Thomas, daughter of Henry Thomas. George and Jane came west with her parents. Eventually George and his family moved to Clark County, Washington, and are buried in the Old City Cemetery.

House #124

Preston Thomas. Preston is the son of Benjamin Thomas who is the brother of Henry Thomas. Preston and his family moved to Clark County Washington.

House #125

Henry Thomas. Henry was the father of Jane Knox, Margaret Bonser, Mahala Bonser, Hannah Bonser, Mary Bybee and Sarah Copeland. His wife was Mary Copeland. It is believed that she was the sister of Jane Copeland Ham.

House #126

Benjamin Thomas. Benjamin was the brother of Henry Thomas. He lived out his life in Columbia County.

House #127

Titus Taylor. Titus, his wife, and family are buried in the Masonic Cemetery in St. Helens. We didn’t find a lot of information about this family.

House #128

Philander Cunningham. Philander is the son of Joseph Cunningham and Caroline Craemer. He married Henrietta Redding. She was the daughter of another early family.

House #129

Edward Henrici. Edward was the son of Carl Wilhelm Henrici, another early settler.

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