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Abner Enyart

1795 – 1843


Abner Enyart was born to John and Nancy Enyart in Madison County, Ky in 1795. Abner passed away on September 11, 1843 in Missouri. The family was planning to come to Oregon when Abner passed away.


He married Sarah Stevens on 26 July 1815 in Cumberland, KY. She was born in 1795 in Ky and passed away in 1888 in Scappoose, Oregon. Her parents were Peter Elisha Stevens and Nancy Elizabeth Carter.


They were the parents of 11 chjildren;


1 - John was born in Ky in 1816. He married Marion Stevens on 29 October 1841.


2 - Ann born in Ky in 1817. She became the wife of Anderson Smith on 18 July, 1834. Ann passed away on 28 December 1884. She is buried in Harrison Cemetery.


3 – Rebecca was born 13 October 1820 in Madison County, Illinois. She married Alexander McQuinn on 6 January 1835. Rebecca passed away on 23 November 1869. She is buried in the McQuinn cemetery on Sauvie Island.


4 – Delilah was born November 20th, 1822 in Illinois. She became the wife of John Lousignont. She passed away in April of 1899.


5 – Abraham was born in 1825 in Illinois. He passed away in 1860 (NFI)


6 – Peter Stevens was born 15 May 1827 in Morgan County, Illinois. He married Isabela Morgan, daughter of Edward Morgan, in 1853 in Washington county, Oregon Territory. He passed away in July of 1913.


7 – James was born on 9 November 1830 in Illinois. He married Elizabeth Cunningham, daughter of John Cunningham (Red River) of Washington County, OT. He passed away in 1919.


8 – Elisha and Elijah were twins born in 1833. They passed away at birth.


9 – Marquis Lafayette was born 24 August 1835 in Missouri. He married Mary Zelmora on 26 September 1854 in Oregon Territory. He passed away on 30 Dec 1862 in Oegon.


10 – Alexander was born on April 24, 1936 in Missouri. He was married twice. His first wife was Louisa Zelmora. She was the sister of Mary. I think they were both Indians. His second wife was Mary Elizabeth Gorsney (?). He passed away 30 December 1904 in California.


*The children and their families will be covered individually in later posts.

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