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Pioneer of 1844

Jacob Cline

1812 to 1888

Jacob Cline came West in 1844. His wife Mary and four children, Prudentia, John, Anthy and Ann. They were traveling with Alexander McQuinn and family, Anderson Smith and family, John Louisignont and Abner Enyart and his family. All except Jacob married daughters of Abner.  Descendants of these families say they came on the Cornelius Gillum wagon train.



Jacob married Mary Wilson on December 28 in Illinois (info in DLC #1919)



Prudential was born to Jacob and Mary in 1837 in Iowa. They had been married 3 years now.  There may have been another child who passed away. Usually there wasn't such a large gap between marriage and the first child.



 John was born to Jacob marry in 1838 in Iowa.



The family was still in Iowa when Ann Elizabeth was born to Jacob and Mary.  They were now a family of 5.



The family is now living in Missouri getting ready to make the journey West. Their daughter Anthy was born during this time. I wonder if her name was because of her uncle Anthony. There was quite a stretch between Ann and Anthy. Probably because of the move to Missouri and getting ready to go to Oregon.


The Clines were a family of 6 when they left for Oregon, three daughters and one son.



Provisional Land Claim.  Tuality County, 640 acres, located on Sauvies island and Gilbert River. It was settled and improved by claimant in the spring of 1845(Oregon Provisional Land Claims, 1845- 1849, Volume 1-111, page 132).


 When they first came to Oregon Jacob chose a site in downtown Portland. Mary found out it was near an old sailor and his Indian wife. She insisted Jacob find a spot with more compatible neighbors. He found the land on Sauvie island near the Logie’s. The place Mary rejected was near William Johnson and his wife Amelia Cowaniah.



Jacob filed for DLC #1919. The legal description was 2North, Range 1 W, sections 8, 9, 16, 17, 639.90 acres. It is the area below Eilers grocery and above the Sauvie Island school. Thse land was part of a provisional claim he  had acquired in 1844. . When the donation land claim act became a law he filed for the land. Signing for him were Isabel Logie and Alexander McQuinn.



 Isabel Logie Cline was born to Jacob and Mary on Sauvie island. She was named after the midwife who delivered her, Isabel Logie, who was their friend and neighbor. The baby Isabel was the first white child born on the island.



Jacob was born to Jacob and Mary on Sauvie island. Jacob passed away at an early age and later another son was born who was named Jacob.



George was born to Jacob Mary on Sauvie island.



Caroline was born to Jacob and Mary on Sauvie island.


1850, Multnomah County, Oregon, census, #180

Cline, Jacob         age 36

Mary                      age 32

Prudentia             age 13

John                       age 12

Ann E.                   age 11        

Anthy                     age 6

Isabel                    age 5

Jacob                     age 4

George                  age  2

Caroline                age 3 months



Jane was born during 1852



According to their daughter, Mary Jane Turnstull, the family moved to Portland in 1854 and lived at First and Madison.



Prudential married John Sax on December 9th.  This information was found in the probate packet of John Sax (Early Oregon Wills, #4, Multnomah County, Oregon, Fee book 5, page 167. Probate number 1593, page 162 . GFO).



Ann Elizabeth Cline married Charles H. Bain on September 5th. They were married by the Reverend P. P. Highland. Witnesses were E. St. John and W. G. Cook (Multnomah County Marriages, 1855 - 1873, page 14, GFO).



Mary Klein was granted a divorce from Jacob Cline on November 19 in Portland, Multnomah County Oregon.



 Anthy Cline married john P Cline on June 29th at the home of Walter Moffett . They were married by Reverend P. P. Highland. The witnesses were Walter Moffett and Mrs Cline (Multnomah County marriages,1855 - 1873, page 25, GFO)


According to marriage records John P Cline is from Victoria. Her sister, Isabel Cook, said that John P Cline was not a relative (Lochley article, 9 - 11 – 34, GFO)



Isabel was a nurse . She married a medical student named James Campbell. Eventually he decided not to be a doctor and instead opened a grocery store in Salem OR. They were the parents of 3 children , Oscar, Jenny, and Jonathan J.


In 1851(?) she married Lyman Cook. They ran the Brick hotel in Mcminnville, Oregon. (Oregon Journal article,Lochley records, 9/11 34 )


1870 Census, City of Portland, Multnomah County, Oregon, # 1048

Cline, Jacob         age 54 (Carpenter)

Sarah E.                age  23  (keeps house)

George                  age  5  son



Cline, John P.      age 30 (Butcher)

Annie                     age 26

Lewis                     age 4

Laura                      age 2

Mary C.                 age 8 months



During 1873 Jacob owned and operated a store on you Yaquina  Bay. (info found in the Anthony Cline court documents).



Anthy Cline Sax passed away during 1874 leaving John a widower with 4 children, Lewis, Kate,Laura and Anthy. The children are named in the probate of James Cline.


John married Eva Ford on June 13 at the home of his mother in law, Mrs. Cline. (Multnomah County Marriages, 1873-1883, page 12,GFO).



Jacob Cline (son of Jacob and Mary) married Wallie Worley on December 5th (Multnomah County Marriages, 1873-1883, page 53, GFO).



Anthony Cline died during 1878. His probate packet was interesting reading. Excerpts are included.



Jacob Cline passed away on December 23rd in San Bernadino, California. His will was probated in Portland, Oregon (Early Oregon Wills, No. 4, Multnomah County, Oregon, Fee Book 5, page 132, NO. 1, 578, GFO)


There was a lot of family conflict over the will. Prudentia, John, Ann, Isabell and the children of his deceased daughter Anthy were only left $1 each. The majority of his estate was left to his son Jacob and daughter Jane, to be divided equally. There were many court battles over this will but his wishes prevailed.


The children, George, Caroline and Elizabeth are not mentioned in his will. There is a girl named Lizzie who shows up living with Prudentia and John Sax. In John Sax’x will she shows up as someone they raised from infancy. She shows up in Jacob Cline;s probate as someone signing for her share of the estate. In later documents she is called Lizzie Richards.


At the time of his death he owned property in Portland, South half of block 111, (worth 15,000) and lot 5 of block 44 (worth 4500). It appears that he still hadn't collected on the court case against Anthony Cline because that was included in the estate as judgment vs Anthony Klein amount unknown.


Under “claims against the estate’ was a bill from O. and Jennie Wileyfor making a new woodshed and repairing a porch at 328 Front Street.


 Later a C.Childress signed for repairs at 354 4th Street.



John Sax passed away on January 27th in Portland, Oregon. His will was probated on February

1st, 11889. He left his widow, Mary Prudentia and 4 children, Anna B. Drucks, Mary C, Warren, Lizzie and a child named Nancy Cline, a child they had raised from infancy.


He left nothing to his son John Sax as he had received more than all the other children. The children of John, Zerilda and Ethel were bequeathed 1/5 of the estate. This was a very interesting probate package, 11 pages long.



John Edward Cline married Mini Eversole on April 9 1894 in Saint H. elens , Columbia County . She was 15 years old at the time.



John Peter Cline passed away on July 26 1907. In his obituary he is listed as a pioneer business man. He was a butcher and had a shop on Russell street for 19 years.


At the time of his death he was survived by Louis Cline, Laura Chellis, Shirley Bizzelle and  Mrs. T. J. Richards.



Mary Wilson Cline passed away on January 22nd at the age of 94. Information on Mary’s death was found in a DAR book called Descendants of Oregon Pioneers, 1965(OHS). She was buried at the Lone Fir Cemetery in Portland, Oregon.



There was an interesting divorce case in 1920. John E. is filing for divorce against Minnie. She left him in 1903 and he hasn’t seen her since. He claimed he did not do or say anything to cause  her to leave, He just came home one day and she was gone.  She old a neighbor “I am not going to stay here any longer – I am going away. He can keep the children.”



Obit for John E. (grandson) is in the Hillsboro Argus, February 14, 1924, pg 8, column 7.



John W. Cline passed away on May 6, 1928 in Hillsboro, Oregon. His death certificate says he died at 91 years, 10 months and 28 days. His parents were listed as Jacob Cline and Mary Wilson. His place of birth was listed as Muscatine, Iowa. The information was provides by his sister, Jane Turnstull (certificate #93).

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