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Pioneer of 1845


1787- 1870

Several people are researching the Edward Morgan family. Material is available at the Oregon Historical Society and the Genealogical Forum of Oregon. Our information was shared by Roberta Hockett of Portland, Oregon, Robin Walker of Baltimore, Maryland and Greg Nelson of Salem, Oregon.

We will just mention the marriages of the children of Edward and Mary Shirley Morgan as they relate to the early settlers on the island and a few known facts.

Edward Morgan was bom in Sussex County, England in 1787. He arrived in Oregon on November 15, 1845. His claim was settled on February 28, 1849.

His Donation Land Claim number was #1647. When filing the claim he stated that he married Mary Shirley on June 30, 1828 in Cincinnati, Ohio. He was awarded his citizenship on June 18th, 1854 in Portland, Oregon.


Edward passed away on September 1st, 1870. He is buried in the West Union Baptist Cemetery.

1830      Birth of Son

Benjamin Franklin Morgan was born to Edward and Mary on April 1 in Pribble County, Ohio. He married Jane Cunningham, daughter of John and Jane (Work) Cunningham. They were part of the group of Metis from the Red River in Canada. Benjamin and Jane were married on September 7, 1853. They had Donation Land Claim #2893 on the island. He passed away on September 7,1907.

1831      Birth of Son

James L. was born while Edward and Mary were still in Ohio.

1833 Birth of Daughter

Mary was born in Ohio

1836 Birth of Daughter

Isabella was born on September 27, 1836 in Ohio. On December 22, 1853 she married Peter S. Enyart. They had Donation Land Claim #4360. Isabella passed away on October 24, 1889 in Fossil, Oregon.

A relative tells the story of the girls bathing in a stream on the journey across. A group of men came upon them as they were standing there without their clothes. Most of the ladies screamed and covered themselves with their hands. One lady quietly turned her back to the men. When asked why... she said "When we get to town they will remember your faces but ain’t nobody gonna remember my butt”

1840 Birth of Son

George Washington Morgan was born on February 14th in Pribble County, Ohio. He married Phoebe Killin on June 23rd, 1866. They lived in Washington County, Oregon. George passed away on April 12th, 1924 in Gales Creek, Oregon.

1843      Birth of Daughter

Julia Ann was born in Pribble County, Ohio. She married three times; Haddock, Dobbins and Freeman


1844      Birth of Son

William Henry Harrison Morgan was born on December 18th in Pribble County, Ohio. He married Sarah Elizabeth Orchard on April 30* 1864 in Vancouver, Washington. She was the daughter of Jesse and Minerva Medford Orchard.

William and Sarah lived on Sauvie Island. At one time James Thomas and his wife were living with them. James was married to Sarah’s sister. William passed away on October 12, 1929 in Portland, Oregon.

Laura, daughter of William and Sarah Morgan, married Omar C. Spencer. Their son, Omar Spencer, Jr., wrote a book about Sauvie Island.

1842   Birth of Daughter

Catherine was born in Oregon in 1844. She married John Dunne.

1850 Birth of Daughter

Lucinda Morgan was born in September in Oregon. She married twice, Ebenezer

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