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Pioneer of 1852

Daniel Boone Armstrong

1836- 1895

 Daniel was bom to Andrew Jackson Armstrong and Mary Ann Roberts in 1836.

1852      Heading to Oregon.

    Daniel left Illinois on April 1 with four other Armstrong men; his brother, Marquis L, his father, Andrew Jackson Armstrong, a brother, Abner Enyart Armstrong and Evalee Thompson Armstrong.. They all arrived in September and settled on Sauvie Island (Pioneer files at OHS).

1855         Marriage of Settler.

    Daniel married Elizabeth Bonser, daughter of John and Rebecca Bonser. They were married on May 3 at the home of her father. The minister was William Hendrickson, M.G. and the witnesses were James Bonser and Orville Sturgess (Columbia County, Oregon Marriage Records, GFO, pg 1). 

Elizabeth’s sister, Martha, married Daniel’s brother Marquis L.

1856         Birth of Son.

    Charles Armstrong was born to Daniel and Elizabeth during this year (census and family records).

1860    Columbia Countq, Oregon Census.

    Daniel and his family are listed in the 1860 census living in House #116. He is listed as a Carpenter and a Brickmaker.

    After living on the island for awhile the small family moved to the Lewis River settlement in Washington, then to Vancouver where he started a brickyard. Family legend says that the early brick buildings in Vancouver were built by the Armstrongs.

Their brickyard was established in 1867 and the Hiddens began theirs in 1871.

    Daniel was one of the signers of the petition to separate Washington from Oregon


1865    Clark County Washington Land Purchase.

    Daniel bought land in T2N, R1W from the owner of claim V-88. This claim was in sections 8,9,16, 17 and 21 (Washington Donation Land Claims, Clark County).

1867  First Successful BrlckYard!

    In September Daniel B. established a brickyard near Fruit Valley Rd and 26th St in Vancouver, Washington. Many of the early public buildings in Vancouver were built of this brick. (Vancouver Chronology at the Vancouver Library)

The first Brick buildings in Vancouver

4th and Main, The Wall Bldg, 

The Brewery on C street, (Young),

The Vancouver Seminary

Demphoefster and Proebstel Brewery,

Sisters of Charity Building

1895/1905   Death of Settler. date uncertain.

    Pioneer files at the Oregon Historical Society list Daniel’s death in Calistoga, Napa County, California 

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