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CHRONOLOGICAL listing of Deaths

This chronological listing of deaths was put together to see if there were any unusual or significant patterns such as an increased death rate due to epidemics. None were found. We did notice that many women died before the age of 50, possibly due to complications of child birth. But no pattern was noticed that would indicate any epidemics.

Three settlers were killed during the Indian hostilities, one in southern Oregon and two in Washington Territory.


Two people were killed in separate gunshot accidents, one on the island and one while hunting in Washington county.


Three people died on the trail to Oregon, two of disease and one in an accident. It appears that two people became ill on the trail and died shortly after arriving in Oregon

Many children died early. They probably had the usual childhood diseases and succumbed to them. Today if small children get sick and dehydrated they can be treated with antibiotics and IV fluids. Usually they recover. In those days very little was known about the causes and cures.

We noticed that many of the men lived very long lives. This was not true of the women. . .

1852 Mary Ann (Copeland) Thomas (died on the trip across of cholera)

1852 Jacob Thomas (died at age 8 on the trip across)

1852 Andrew Jackson Armstrong (died at age 54 of disease)

1852 Matricia C. Armstrong (died of disease at age 14)

1854        Sarah (Cunningham) Harris (died at age 21 after childbirth)

1855        John Cunningham (killed by indians at age 17)

1858        William Knox (died at age 1)

1859        Virginia Jane Cunningham (drowned at age 16)

1863        Herman Knox (died at age 1)

1864        Ada Bonser (died at age 3)

1864     Rebecca Bonser (died at age 61)

1864     Abbie and William Casto (killed by Indians, Abbie was age 17)

1864        Sarah Marian Armstrong (died at age 20)

1865        Hannah (Bonser) Stiles (died at age 22, possibly after childbirth)

1866        Benjamin Cunningham (died at age 12 from drowning)

1866     Emma C. Bonser (died at age 1)

1867    Hannah (Thomas) Bonser (died at age 32, 21 days after childbirth)

1867   Caroline (Craemen) Cunningham (died at 55)

1868  Mary Ann Thomas (died at age 14)

1869   Mary Ann Bonser (died at age 1)


1872   Charles William Copeland (died at age 7)

1874    Benjamin Thomas (died at age 71)

1875     Mahala (Thomas) Bonser (died at age 44)

1875      George Knox (died at age 55)

1875      Thomas B. Bonser (died at age 17 from a gunshot wound)

1877     John D. Potter (died at age 7)

1877      Lucinda (Cunningham) Howard (died at age 41 after childbirth)

1878      Joseph Cunningham (died at age 83)

1878      Lucy (Bonser) Dart (died at age 24 after childbirth)

1879    Henry Thomas (died at age 80)

1879    Elizabeth (Bonser) Armstrong (died at age 39)

1880     Anna Marie (Krohnke) Henrici (died at age 62)

1880     Margaret (Thomas) Bonser (died at age 48)

1881   Hilton Bonser (died at age 54)

1882    Henry Allen Bonser (died at age 15, hunting accident

1882     Clarence H. Taylor (died at age 3)

1882    William Newton Bonser (died at age 88)

1882    Elizabeth Taylor, wife of Titus (died at age 55)

1884   Della Copeland (died at age 21)

1886   William H. Whitney (died at age 39)

1887    Ruth Bonser (2nd wife of John)

1888    Elenora (Taylor) Bailey (died at age 27)


1888   Thomas Albert Bonser (died at age 31, fell off steamboat)

1889    Marvin Ransom Cowles (died at age 27)


1890    Leonard Harris (died at age 79)

1890   Captain Isaac Thomas (died at age 48)

1891     Gladys M. Cowles (died at age 2)

continued  in "Deaths- part 2"

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