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Pioneer of 1853

Thomas W. Reddick

1825 – 1872



Thomas born in 1825 to Shaddrack Reddick. His birth and death years were found in Union Cemetery records in Washington County, Oregon. His father was named in the Lockley article in the Oregon Journal on July 26, 1933



Thomas married Parthenia Smith, daughter of Dr. Bolin Smith, a prominent doctor in Fayetteville, Arkansas. The marriage year is just an assumption at this time. The wife and her father were named in the Lockley article mentioned above.



Martha Ann was born in 1850 in Washington County, Arkansas (Oregon Journal, Lockley article, 7-26-33).


1850 Census, Washington County, Arkansas

#85 Reddick, S. age 51 m SC

Margaret age 27 f Tenn.

Catherine age 13 f Ark.

Francis Therman age 7 M Ark.


#94 Reddick, Thomas W. age 28 m Ill.

Parthenia age 18 f Ark.

Martha age 2/12 f Ark.



John was born to Thomas and Parthenia in 1852 (Oregon Journal, Lockley, 7-26-31).



Thomas and his family joined his father, Shadrack Reddick along with his (Shadracks) new wife, Margaret. She was a widow with a 7 year old son named Francis.

In the Lockley article (OJ, 7-26-33) Martha states that her mother, Parthenia , walked most of the way. The trip took 6 months.



The Reddicks arrived in Oregon and settled on Howelll Prairie. In an interview with Fred Lockley (OJ,7-26-33) Martha Ann says “When we first came to Oregon we settled on Howell Prairie (Marion County) Grandfather took a contract building the Santiam ditch. When that was finished we moved to Portland and from there to Sauvie Island.



1854 was the year the Reddicks moved to Sauvie Island. They first rented the Dillon place. When the Menzies moved to Portland they rented their place. They ran a very successful dairy farm. Each morning the steamer “Eagle” came by and picked up their milk (OJ, 7-26-33). The landing might have been in the area where the old bridge use to end on the island.



Thomas S. was born to Thomas and Parthenia on Sauvie Island (1860 Multnomah County, Oregon Census, #713).



Thomas and his family moved to Clatsop County, Oregon and filed for a homestead (OJ, 7-26-33).



Shadrack Reddick died during 1860. He is buried on the island. He left a widow, Margaret, and three children; Christina age 6, a son age 4 and a daughter age 1 month. James F. Bybee was administrator of the estate (Multnomah County Probate Record, #33).


1860 Census, Multnomah County, Oregon, St. Johns Precicnt

#710 Reddick, Emma 45

Thomas 18

McCarty, Wm 50

Kennedy, John 24


#713 Reddick,T. W. 36

Parthenia 26

Martha 10

John 7

Thomas 4

Emily 7/12



Emily C. was born to Thomas and Parthenia during 1860 (Multnomah County, Oregon Census records, #713).



Annie H. was born to Thomas and Parthenia during 1862.



Margaret Ann Reddick, widow of Shadrack married Henry Barber on April 24, 1862 (Columbia County, Oregon Marriage Records).


In Pioneer files at The Oegon Historical Society it states “Henry Barber was born on July 13, 1832 in Albany,, New York. He died on May 5, 1898. He was an undertaker and a Government Surveyor. He served in Company M, 3rd U.S. Artillery and fought in the Indian Wars , 1855-1856 at White River. His daughter married Edward Holman.”


The historic Barber Building at 532 S E Grand was built by Henry and his son in law, Edward Holman. He ran a successful mortuary called “Barber & Hill” on the ground floor and used the upper floors for rooms to rent out. The building is now on the Registry of Historic Buildings. The restaurant called “Digger O’Dells” was located on the ground floor in recent years. At one time a restaurant called “the Roses and the Raindrop” occupied that space



Rhody was born to Thomas and Parthenia.



Martha Ann, first child of Thomas and Parthenia became the wife of Durant Whittle at the home of Henry Barber (husband of grandfather’s widow). Witnesses were Nathan Therman( step brother) and Henry Barber (Multnomah County, Oregon Marriage Records, Pg 35 of original record, pg 38n of GFO book).



William A. was born to Thomas and Parthenia.



Christina Reddick (daughter of Shadrack and Margaret Ann Reddick) became the wife of Joseph Guild (son of Peter Guild and Elizabeth Richardson) on June 1st at the home of Peter Guild (Multnomah County Marriage Records, 1855-1875, page 54 of the GFO book).

Joseph and Christina were the parents of six children; Alfred Otis, John, Elizabeth, Myrtle, Maud and Bessie Guild.


In 1844 Joseph married Martha Huntington Spencer. They were the parents of one daughter, Dorothy Guild.


Joseph had a brother named Jesse Guild. He was a farmer on Sauvie Island where he died in 1896.



George R. was born to Thomas and Parthenia in 1869.


1870 Columbia County, Oregon census

#25, #185 Reddick, T. W. 47 m Ill (farmer)

Parthenia 37 f Ark.

John M. 18 m OR

Thomas S. 15 m OR

Emily C. 11 f OR

Annie H. 8 f OR

Rhody 6 f OR

William A. 2 m OR

George R. 8 mo m OR


1879 US Census, Portland, Oregon

#1194 Barber, Henry 39 m NY

Margaret 47 f Tenn

Riley 13 m

Hannah 5 f



Thomas Wl Reddick passed away at the age of 47 and is buried in the union Cemetery in Washington County, Oregon (lot 61, #297).



On September 11th, Joseph P. Powers (1844-1939) married Emma C. Reddick (1858-1936) both of Columbia County at the home D. B. Whittle in county of Multnomah, by John Flinn, Methodist Episcopal Minister. Witnesses were D. B, Whittle, M. A. Whittle (Columbia Couinty Marriage Records, Book A, page 10 of the GFO book). The Whittles were the sister and brother in law of Emma


Birth and death dates for Joseph and Emma were found in Columbia County Cemetery records (GFO book, pg 7). They are buried in Bryant Cemetery in the city of Clatskanie. Buried near them is Irving W. Powers, 1905-1907


Buried at Murray Hill cemetery in Clatskanie are Guy Preston Powers, 1880-1950. Next to him is Mary J. Powers, 1889-1971.



Thomas S. passed away at the age of 24. He is buried in Union Cemetery (lot 61, #297).


1880 census, Columbia County, Oregon, Clatskanie

#345` Reddick, Parthenia

Powers, Joseph P.


1880 Census, Multnomah County, Oregon, East Portland

#375 Barber, Henry



Parthenia, widow of Thomas, married Charles E. Smith on June 8th at the home of W. B. Morse. They were married by Enoch Adams, J.P. Witnesses were James Muckle, R. C. Campbell (Columbia County, Oregon Marriage records, Book A, page 13 of the GFO book).


Inez H. Reddick married Robert Uhlman on August 3rd.



Emma Barber married Daniel Kern on 28 December 1882 in Portland, Oregon (Multnomah County Marriages, 1873-1883, pg 149 of GFO book).



Rhody passed away at the age of 19. She is buried in the Union Cemetery (Lot 61, space 299



Hannah Barber married Harvey C. Whitney on September 19th. They were married at St. David’s Rectory by John W. Sellwood, MG. The witnesses were John J. Sellwood and Annie E.




William A. passed away at the age of 20 and is buried in Union Cemetery (lot 61, # 300).



John M. Reddick married Cora A. Hayes at the house of Charles Jones. They were married by N. Nichols, JP. Witnesses were James N. Rice, James Hart (Columbia County Marriage Records, Book A, Pg 214, page 24 of the GFO book).



George R. passed away at the age of 21 and is buried in the Union Cemetery (l0t 61, #301).



John W. Starr married Parthenia Smith on February 4th at her home. The marriage was performed by Rev. A. Baldwin. Witnesses were Eliza Smith and Nora E. Smith (Washington County, Oregon Marriage Records, Book 3, pg 412, page 60 in the GFO book).



John Reddick married Gertie E. Hayes on May 18th. They were married by J. E. Hall, JP. Witnesses were Henry Kratz, Fannie I. Hall (Columbia County Marriage Records, Book B, pg 334, page 53 in the GFO book).



Parthenia passed away in 1905. She is buried in Union Cemetery with her first husband and children. There is a large monument and under her name it says “Mother”.

Her obituary says that she died at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Inez Uhlman, in Portland, Oregon on September 17. At the time of her death she was the widow of John Starr of Hillsboro. She was survived by three daughters; Inez Uhlman, Mrs. R. B. Collins of Hillsboro (Martha Ann), Mrs Emma C. Powers of Beaver Creek, Columbia County and on son, John M. Reddick of Clatskanie.


Union County Cemetery Records

Six members of the Reddick family are buried in Union Cemetery in Washington County. Oregon. They are buried in Lot 61.



In Maplewood Cemetery in Clatskanie, Oregon is a tombstone for John Marion Reddick, 1854-1922. The GFO book states “DAR shows John Marion died 2 Feb 1922 at 63 years.”

Next to John is “Loran C. Reddick, 1892-1918, USN”.


Next to Loran is “Ruth M. Janetting, 6 May 1901-16 Jan 1971”. She is listed as the daughter of John Reddick (Columbia County Cemetery Records, pg 24 of the GFO

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