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Pioneer of 1852

Andrew Jackson Armstrong


Andrew was born on April 1,1798 to Joshua and Sarah Morris Armstrong.

    According to family records he married Mary Ann Roberts on February 18,1819 in Madison County, Illinois. They were the parents of fourteen known children.

    On April 1,1852 he left Illinois with his family and headed for Oregon. They arrived in September and settled on Sauvie Island. Mary Ann passed away and is buried somewhere near North Platte, Nebraska. Three daughters died on the trail. .

    All of the Armstrong men were listed as brick makers or brick masons on the early census records. Many brick homes were built on the Columbia County end of the island, probably from bricks of their making.

    Andrew passed away shortly after they arrived in October of 1852 and is buried in the Old McQuinn Cemetery on Sauvie Island. One descendant said that he was buried on Oak Island and had a large stone marker but someone knocked it over. Another descendant said that he was buried on the Lumsden place. (I have since learned that the McQuinn place was owned by a Lumsden family at one time.)

Children of Andrew and Mary Ann;

Evalee Thompson, first son of Andrew and Mary Ann was bom in 1819 and passed away in 1880.

Baby boy born in 1821. He died young.

Robert was born in 1822.

Dianna born in 1825.

John Marion born in 1829.

Andrew J. was born in 1829.

Marquis Lafayette born on April 21,1831. He passed away on September 28,1896

Abner Enyart was born on October 12, 1833 and passed away in October of 1914

Daniel Boone was born on December 22, 1835 and passed away on July 22, 1895

    Matricia C was born on January 26, 1838 and passed away in September of 1852 shortly after arriving on Sauvie Island. She is buried in an old cemetery on the island. Possibly the McQuinn cemetery.

    Mary Jane was born on April 10,1840. She married Samuel Lamberson, son of Timothy and Sarah Lamberson (early settlers in Columbia county). Mary and Samuel were married on July 5, 1853 in Washington County, OT, according to information found in their DLC #5270.

    Samuel and Mary were the parents of 14 children; John, Andrew, Timothy, Abner, Sarah, Nora Jane, Lillian, Steven, Clara Mabel, Lettie, Annie, Willy and Mary

    Joshua Lewis born 1842.

Sarah Marian was born on August 18,1844 and passed away in January of 1864.

    Naomi Aurilia Cassiann was born on October 1, 1849. She married William Henry Musgrove on October 14, 1865 in Monticello, WT (Marriage info in Pacific Christian Advocate, Vol 1).

They were the parents of Minnie Musgrove who married Edwin Donald McKay. He was the son of Malcom McKay and Sarah Lamberson. Minnie and Edwin were the parents of Governor Douglas McKay. The Malcom McKay family will be covered in Book Three of this series

Additional Armstrong information was provided by Mrs. Anne Ray of Sauvies Island, Mrs. Jan Reeder of Sauvie Island and Jean Erickson of Portland, Oregon.

A few years back there was a brick home still standing near the Columbia river. It was built of bricks made on the island by the Armstrongs. When the state took the land for a game reserve it was destroyed. I wonder if any of the bricks, etc. were saved as a memorial to the pioneer ancestors of Governor McKay.

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