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What is a Myth?

A myth is a story used to explain something we don't really understand or know about.  Maybe the stories about Big Foot or Nessie are myths. Native Americans had many myths.

What is a legend?

A legend is a story that we believe but it hasn't been proven.  They are stories that might explain certain events we want to believe. Robin Hood, King Arthur...maybe even Santa Claus.  Maybe Santa Claus is more of a Myth.


What is a Folktale?

These are the stories passed on by people about certain dramatic events that happened in the past. The original story might have been shared by a great great grandparent and then each succeeding generation repeated the story and possibly added a new twist to the original event. Some might call these Tall Tales. There is always a grain of truth that needs to be explored.  For that reason I always advise everyone to document their family Tall Tales.

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