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1860 Census

Multnomah County, Oregon

Sauvie Island           


#680   Gillihan, Martin

                     Martin came to Oregon in 1844. He married Sarah Howell, daughter of Benjamin Howell.


#681   Howell, Benjamin

                     Benjamin and his family came to the island in 1850. Two of his sons were noted biologists.


#682   Winkler, David



#683   Morgan, Edward

                     Edward was a farmer from England


#684   Jewett, Leonard

                     Leonard was a farmer from Ohio


#685   McIntire, Horace

                     Horace was married to one of the daughters of Robert Miller. One of his daughters married Wm. Henrici from the northern end of the island.


#686   Reeder, Simon Morgan

                     Simon’s DLC was on the site of the largest Indian village on the island.


#687   Walker, Ellis

                     Ellis was married to one of the daughters of Mr. Bozarth. He was a brother to Jesse Walker who was married to one of the daughters of Robert Miller. Jesse lived on the island for awhile.


#688   Charlton, Joseph

                     Joseph came west with his father and brother. He was married to Margaret Catherine, another daughter of Robert Miller.


#689   Lisle, John

                     John officiated at many of the marriages on the island.


#691   Charlton, James

                     James was the brother of Joseph Charlton,


#692   Wilmott, John F,

                     John was married to Samantha Keith, the sister of James and Joseph Charlton. She was the widow of Riley Keith and the mother of three children.


#693   Menzies, James

                     James was a sea captain. He was married to Parthenia, one of the daughters of Robert Miller. He moved to Sandy, Oregon and then Salem till the end of his life.


#694   Bybee, James

                     James was married to Julia, daughter of Robert Miller. He bred and raced horses.


#695   White, Juretta

                     Mathew White passed away and Juretta married Richard Thompson. He had been a boarder.


#696   White, William

                     William was the son of Mathew and Juretta White.


#697   Cline, Anthony

                     Anthony was the brother of Jacob Cline, another early settler on the island. He moved to the Camas Prairie in Klickitat, Washington. His daughter married Leonard Stump.


#698   Moar, Jonathan

                     Jonathan married the widow of James Logie and remained on the original claim of Isabella and James.


#699   Brown, William



#700   Taylor, James

                     James married Arabella McKenzie,  the widow of John Clarke Spence and raised a large family. His step-daughter married Thomas Redsull, another early settler on the island.              Members of the Taylor family are still on the island.


#701   McQuinn, Alexander

                     Alexander was married to Rebecca Enyart, daughter of Abner.


#702   Imbrie, David



#703   Smith, Anderson

                     Anderson and his family moved to Washington County, Oregon. They were closely connected to the settlers from the Red River migration.

       Anderson was married to a daughter of Abner Enyart.

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