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Pioneer of 1844

Alexander McQuinn



The McQuinn family has been thoroughly covered by the descedants. For the purpose of our publication we are just going to tell a little about when events happened and how this family relates to others on the island.


Alexander came out in 1844 along with members of the Enyart family. His wife Rebecca was the daughter of Abner Enyart and Sarah Stevens Enyart.


1835   Birth of son

George Washington McQuinn was born in Missouri on November 5th. He married Anna Beck on July 11, 1866. George passed away in Malheur County, Oregon on July 29, 1886.


1837   Birth of Son

Braxton McQuinn was born in 1837. He passed away on Sauvie Island sometime before 1850. The children were playing and a gun went off. Braxton was mortally wounded (family records).


1840   Birth of Daughter

Mary Ann McQuinn was born on April 12, 1840. She married Clinton Bonser, nephew of John Bonser from the Northern end of the Island. They married on December 7th, 1856. She passed away in 1914 and is buried next to Clinton in the Scappoose Cemetery. They were the parents of nine children. Two of the children were killed in hunting accidents (RKT).


1842   Birth of Daughter

Sarah Elizabeth was born on March 13 in Missouri. Her first husband was William Page French. They were married in Portland, Oregon on November 27, 1858. They lived in Vancouver, Washington for awhile where William had a donation land claim (Twp 2N, R. 1 E, Sec. 11, 12, 13 and 14 in Clark County).


George Ham became her second husband on March 9th, 1869. He was a ship owner and builder and part owner of a Sand and Gravel yard.  It was called "Ham, Nickum and Kelly". They had no children of their own but raised her two younger sisters after her parents died. They also raised a foster daughter named Edna 


1844 Birth of Son

Peter Enyart McQuinn was bom on March 17th in Missouri. Catherine Wilhelm became his wife on March 30, 1878. Peter passed away in Prineville, Oregon on October 18, 1929.

1846 Birth of Daughter

Martha Jane McQuinn was bom on March 20. She married John Ferguson Linder on June 2, 1864. He was a cousin to Horace McIntire. The wife of Robert Emmett Miller was the sister of his grandmother, Jane. They moved to Klickitat, Washington after her parents died in 1871.

*  John and Martha lost 7 children within two days from Diptheria. They are buried in the Linder Cemetery near Goldendale, Washington

1846 Birth of Son

Thomas McQuinn was bom in 1846.

1851       Birth of Son

James Alexander McQuinn was born on January 8 in Oregon. He married Anna McKay, daughter of Malcom McKay and Lucinda Lamberson, on March 10, 1880. He passed away in Haines Alaska in January of 1928. James and Margaret were twins. Local stories say they were the first white twins in Oregon Territory.

1851 Birth of Daughter

Margaret Cecilia McQuinn was born in Oregon on January 8th. She married William J. Forrest on January 10, 1872. She passed away in August of 1924 in Scappoose, Oregon.

1853       Birth of Daughter

Isabella McQuinn was born in Oregon. She married Isaac Newton Smith on November 6, 1869. They were married on November 6 in the office of John Work by John Work, J.P. Witnesses were George Ham and Peter Moore (Early Marriages, Multnomah County, Oregon, Book 11, pg 66) She passed away in 1874.

1855 Birth of Son

John Anderson McQuinn was bom on March 11th in Oregon. He married Nancy Cornelius. John passed away March 2nd, 1928 in Portland, Oregon.

He was in the second class to graduate from University of Oregon. He was a well respected surveyor and engineer. His nephew Robert Clinton Bonser worked for him for many years.

1857 Birth of Daughter

Alzada Helen McQuinn was bom on April 12th in Oregon. Her parents passed away when she was 12 and she went to live with her sister Sarah who was the wife of George Ham.

Further information about the descendants of Alexander McQuinn and Rebecca Enyart McQuinn can be found in  "Oregon Bound" a publication of the MQuinn Family Pioneer Association.  

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